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And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt. ~Sylvia Plath

Easy reading is damn hard writing. ~Nathaniel Hawthorne

Be obscure clearly. ~E.B. White

If I'm trying to sleep, the ideas won't stop. If I'm trying to write, there appears a barren nothingness. ~Carrie Latet


March 10th, 2014

Has Been

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Has been forever since I posted, checked in or out for that matter. Life has been more of a bowl of lemons as opposed to cherries of late, but I am managing to drop a spoon of sugar into the lemonade now and then...I must check into my Asylum more often.

Alas another year has come and gone. Here's to hoping my birthday is better than it usually is...

Continue to fight the good fight!
Cheers my dearests...

September 19th, 2007


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Arr it be Talk Like a Pirate Day! 

Hoist the Colors High! Swab the decks and hide yer booty for they be comin' to pillage and plunder yer chest.

*waves to FList* just ignore the typos, it's been a long day and all this grog is starting to get to my head. I uploaded a new header here. well really no it is the one from my LJ but I like it and wanted it here too. It says friends only but this journal is not friends only er yet. mybe someday. 

Starting to get really busy at work and sorry if I am spamming your lists with this bs here and overthere. I may be scarce for a while so if any of you are checking my journal for fic updates there aren't any yet. I haven't given up yet, just habving some RL issues with work and my moms health at the moment. I'll be reading when I can.

August 30th, 2007


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Of the nature sort this round. 11 icons

Comment Please
Can be used as bases if you let me know you are doing so and Credit me for the base.
Do not hotlink. Save them to your own comp.

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August 26th, 2007

Oh yes I'm the great pretender!

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Snagged from [info]eyeore9990

You're Mother Night!

by Kurt Vonnegut

Nobody knows what to believe about you, and you know least of all. You
spent most of your time convinced that the ends justify the means, but your means were,
well, downright mean! And the end is nigh. Meanwhile all you want is to travel back in
time, if not to change, then to just delight in the way it used to be. You are who you
pretend to be. Oh yes, you're the great pretender.

Take the Book Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

*stomps feet* I'm not mean damnit, but I certainly live in the past.

August 24th, 2007

my new custom mood theme

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I now remember why I never wanted to do a custom mood theme again. It is a friggin huge job. But I did it and made all the pretties myself. I originally intended to make a separate pic for each mood, haha, sorry no. Takes waaay to long for my busy life and I am an impatient girl. Not to mention how long it takes to set them up in the custom mood editor and assign each pics url. But...I did it again and it is good. Yay custom Gary mood theme! 

and my new header (I made it a while back for my LJ but never used it)

I also created an asylum for all my fics. [info]siriusneedsfic to keep them all nice and tidy.

August 20th, 2007

More Icons

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yes, more icons just because I can.

Just a mixed bag again. 15 icons.

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Some requests/changes can be made. Just ask and I might grant it.


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August 18th, 2007

My first icon post

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My first icon post

Comment please

Credit me = <lj user="siriusneeds">

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[ 3 ] Remus Lupin
[ 3 ] Sirius Black
[ 3 ] Lucius/Jason Isaacs
[ 5 ] Classic Pin up girls

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August 15th, 2007

Fanfic100 Prompt- Family

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Title: Rude awakening
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Sirius Black, James Potter, with a bit of Regulus thrown in
Prompt: Family
Word Count: 380
Rating: PG for language
Summary: Sirius gets an owl from his brother.
Authors Note: I own nothing nor claim to. No money is, was or will be made for this. I just like to play in the sandbox once in a while. Not betaed, I just wanted to get this posted to whip my muse into shape.

Fanfic 100 Prompt Table

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Let's see if I can get this to work.

Monstrous prompt table )

I staked a claim at [info]fanfic100 for Sirius. Now I must break out the whip and keep my muse in shape. This is my first prompt table. *glances up at big table* *GULP* Must. Go. On.

August 14th, 2007

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I must say that I am adjusting here. Out of all the back-up journals I've created I seem to be happiest with insanejournal. I am not very HTML inclined but am figuring out how to navigate this thing (I think).

That said I thought I would provide some places to make your viewing here a bit better. It helped me.
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August 12th, 2007

1st meme in this journal

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I am so bored. I know I should be reading or writing fic. I am terribly innocent with this result.

Your Life is Rated PG-13

Your life isn't totally scandalous, but you definitely don't shy away from adult themes!

Oh fine I'll go read something. =P

August 11th, 2007


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Well I must say that the one thing about having all these journals is how much fun I am having changing the layouts. Fun. Yup. Wheee.

August 9th, 2007

like whoa

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Well I can't just leave this blank. must post something.

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